Treatments for dry eyes aim to restore or maintain the normal amount of tears in the eye to minimize dryness and related discomfort and to maintain eye health. Dry eyes can be a chronic condition, but at Eye Society Boutique, we can prescribe treatments to keep your eyes healthy and comfortable and to prevent your vision from being affected. Our goal is to taylor the treatment plan to YOUR eyes based on our diagnostic evaluation.

Multiple treatments may be used and follow ups required to effectively manage your symptoms-and for us to make sure your eyes are feeling better.

At Eye Society Boutique we believe in a holistic approach to treating your dry eye including lifestyle changes, hygiene modifications, therapeutic therapies and medical treatment to relieve your symptoms.

Our treatment methods:

Punctal Plugs

Punctal plugs are tiny medical devices, no larger than a grain of rice. They are inserted into either the top or bottom tear ducts—or both—to keep fluid from draining from the eyes.

When tears do not drain as quickly, they stay on the eye’s surface longer, keeping it moist and helping to relieve discomfort. They’re nearly invisible and insertion is quick and well-tolerated.

Punctal plugs come in temporary varieties that dissolve over time and are absorbed by the body, or semi-permanent varieties that are set a little deeper and can be removed if needed.

Lid Hygiene

Keeping the meibomian glands clean is vital for the eye to produce good quality artificial tears. Without clean eyelids, we cannot keep the eyes appropriately moist and lubricated. Blocked meibomian glands ultimately affects the oil layer of your tears and leads to poor quality tears. The right hygiene regime with the correct products will keep your lids clean and producing good quality artificial tears.

Intense Pulse Light

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapy is an innovative way to treat meibomian gland dysfunction.

During the treatment, light pulse therapy helps to liquefy blockages in the meibomian glands. The light also targets inflammation, which can play a role in dry eye disease.

We use OptiLight by Lumenis. It’s the only FDA-approved Dry Eye treatment that uses intense, broad-spectrum light to finally address the inflammation caused by MGD.

Most importantly, it’s safe, precise and non-invasive – and delivers optimal results in just a few short sessions.


Optilight with Lumenis patented Optimal Pulse Technology uses precise, intense broad spectrum light to address the inflammation - one of the key factors in dry eye disease.

Optilights provides a safe and efficacious way to improve signs of dry eye disease due to meibomian gland dysfunction.

Optilight was designed for your peace of mind, delivering treatment that is safe and precise.

Optimal results in just a few short sessions:

A course of treatment typically includes 4 treatments scheduled 2-4 weeks apart. Each session usually takes 10-15 minutes.

Get started with your treatment plan today. Schedule a dry eye evaluation at our office today and enjoy comfortable vision!

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